Why I'm running:

We live in the most unique and diverse Legislative District in Arizona. A district where we are passionate, hardworking, and community oriented. LD30 is a community where we always push forward and look out for our neighbors in the process.

My parents first moved to the United States from Mexico in hopes of giving us better opportunities than the ones they received back home. My father was an automotive electrician, and my mother was a teacher’s assistant. They understood that both hard work, and a healthy environment was key to improving our quality of life. Our neighbors, community centers, and uplifting teachers all helped mold my siblings and I into the people we are today.

This is why the principles of community are so important to me.

Growing up in our district instilled core values I posses, and carry with me today. From attending PT Coe Elementary and graduating from Alhambra High School, to getting my first job, and even buying my first home right here in the district, I have learned the importance of opportunity, determination, and hard work. I returned to school to finish my bachelors’ degree where I studied our social structures, the negative effects that inadequate education has on communities, and the many contributors of social and economic inequality. Studying and personally experiencing theses barriers that affect our communities is the reason I am running to represent the district that raised me.

We need leadership that sets the stage for opportunity, for progress and for a better Arizona. We must reject the policies that are currently tearing apart our communities and instead focus on improving our public education system and on making both college and healthcare affordable. We can put forward policies that would both promote high paying jobs, and encourage our small businesses to flourish. Our energy should be focused on job opportunity for our workforce, in the safety of our neighborhoods, and in the future and development of our youth.

I am committed to being your progressive voice at the capitol. I am committed to fighting for an Arizona filled with opportunity for all.

From our community, for our community,

- Alejandro Larios